Pottlelake Pots

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Pottlelake Pots, Shute, England

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Pot Tech


The red earthenware pots are dipped or sprayed with white slip. Sgraffito decoration is used to create the drawings and various designs. The cow picture (top right) is an example of sgraffito.


The middle picture shows an example of another technique. Leaves are collected from the garden and pressed onto the surface of the red clay before firing.


All the ware is biscuit fired and then glazed before being fired a second time.  The blue and yellow glazes used can be combined and overlapped to create various degrees of light and dark shading.


The animal pots are thrown and then modelled. These include giraffes, cows, kangaroos, dogs, hares, etc.


And of course no work would be complete without Gilly's cow stamp! - Those who know her will understand.