Pottlelake Pots

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Pottlelake Pots, Shute, England

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“Isn’t it a lovely day !”


From this ubiquitous phrase Gilly draws much enthusiasm for life and her craft.


Gilly has been interested in ceramics from an early age and studied ceramics at 'A' level under Roger Leyshon, along with art and music.


Gilly chose to go to the Royal Academy of Music to study voice and piano, and, for twenty years combined singing and piano teaching with a cake decorating business.


After moving to Devon she joined a pottery evening class under the tutelage of Nick Hillyard and developed her throwing skills. Now with years of practice under her belt, Gilly is an accomplished potter.


Gilly writes, "I have been inspired working with earthenware, using sgraffito decoration, and like to combine my artistic and musical interests to create many unusual designs." Her designs include cartoon images, animals, nursery rhymes and songs - many of which can be seen in the picture pages.


With natures beauty all around, and accompanied by myriad friends and acquaintances (several of whom are pictured on this page) it is easy to see the inspiration for much of Gilly’s work !